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Clinical and Translational Science Certificate


Clinical and Translational Science
Selective Admission

The Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) provides educational enrichment and an increased awareness of expanding opportunities in translational science, a discipline focused on moving biomedical discovery into application in the healthcare arena.

Translational science requires team-based interdisciplinary approaches to advance research-generated discoveries into clinical trials and facilitate adoption of best practices in a clinical and community setting.

Translational science investigators understand the principles involved in foundational research and how such studies relate to epidemiology, behavioral medicine and patient-oriented research.

Participation in the innovative Clinical and Translational Science Certificate will provide motivated undergraduates an opportunity to connect their research activities to translational science and begin their training in this important discipline.

The Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science is presented by the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and Iowa Biosciences Academy.

Graduate training programs in the translational sciences can be achieved by enrolling in areas such as medicine, public health, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and other allied health professions, including biostatistics, behavioral medicine, epidemiology, and clinical pharmacology.

Course Work 

Review Clinical and Translational Science in the UI General Catalog or the Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science website for more information about student eligibility, the application process, course work, and requirements for completion of this certificate.

Student Opportunities 

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Application Process

Undergraduate certificate programs are available to students once they are enrolled in a degree program at Iowa, or after they have received a bachelor's degree. Review our Areas of Study to select a major.