What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have a set of freckles on my right leg that when connected make the Big Dipper.

My favorite thing about working in Admissions

Being able to share my love for the Hawkeye experience every single day. When it comes to navigating the college search process, it’s no doubt that students and families are experiencing a million different emotions – they have questions, fears, hopes, and expectations. I get to help ease those fears and stresses, answer their questions, and get them excited about what’s to come, which to me, is some of the most rewarding and meaningful work I’ve ever done.

Iowa City “Must Do and Must See” Locations

$5 movie Tuesdays at our local movie theaters (this even includes a free popcorn!), hike to the Lake Macbride waterfall to watch a sunset (this is a hidden treasure… I can’t tell you where, you’ll have to find it on your own like I did!), and grab a bite to eat at Hamburg Inn No. 2 (I suggest a BLT, mac & cheese, and one of their famous pie shakes… YUM!).

What makes Iowa such a great place?

The Big Ten atmosphere with the small town community feel. Endless opportunities, friendly people, and lots to do!