What would people be surprised to know about you?

I would like to become a pilot someday. A few years ago, I took flying lessons, and I loved it. I smiled at the thought of easy trips to Chicago, eating dinner in the city and being home the same night. Becoming a mother ended my flying days, but I still daydream about flying when I make the drive to Chicago.

My favorite thing about working in Admissions

As an International Admissions Counselor, I get to visit different countries and interact with many people. Communicating and working with people from different cultures helps me understand this world better as a global citizen.

Iowa City “Must Do and Must See” Locations

Iowa City is so young, diversified and energetic. There are so many things to do here outside the classroom. The downtown area has a lot to offer, from concerts and events nearly every weekend, to delicious restaurants and charming shops. The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is a great place to work out and stay healthy. Plus, peaceful walks along the river are always enjoyable.

What makes Iowa such a great place?

Since Iowa City is in the Midwest, we enjoy four beautiful seasons. The people of Iowa City are some of the friendliest in the world. I believe you will love living in this highly educated, safe, and beautiful college town!


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