My Friday Night is an ongoing video series following real University of Iowa students as they experience campus life in one of the nation's top college towns.

In this installment of My Friday Night, experience the Alpha vs. Sigma Stroll Competition through the eyes of Anthonie, a human physiology major from Houston, TX, and Shawn, an English major from Rockland, NY.

Featured in this episode of My Friday Night...

The University of Iowa is home to seven historically, but not exclusively, African American fraternities and sororities. Stepping and Strolling is an expressive dance form that was created by African American fraternities in the 1970's as a way for each organization to express their chapter pride. The Iowa National Pan-Hellenic Council hosts an annual Stroll Competition each spring semester as well as a showcase in the fall semester.
There are 52 fraternities and sororities at Iowa. Membership provides an immediate connection to a close-knit group of men and women, helping to make Iowa feel more like home.
To learn more about the various chapters, recruitment processes, leadership opportunities and more, visit the University of Iowa Fraternity & Sorority Life webpage.
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