Total Student Enrollment, Fall 2020
Type of Student: Enrollment:
Undergraduate students 
(includes BA, BAS, BBA BFA, BLS, BM, BS, BSE, and BSN candidates)
Graduate students
(includes MA, MS, MBA and PhD candidates)
Professional students
(includes DDS, JD, LLM, MD, and PharmD candidates)
Post Graduate Training 1,282
Total: 31,730
Minority Students, Fall 2020
Race: Percentage:
African American 3.1%
American Indian or Native Alaskan 0.2%
Asian American 4.8%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.1%
Hispanic/Latino(a) 7.4%
Two or more races 3.2%
Total: 18.7%
Men/Women, Fall 2020
Gender: Percentage:
Men 46.2%
Women 53.8%
Where University of Iowa Students Come From, Fall 2020
Location: Percentage:
Iowa residents 60.5%
Nonresident 33%
International 6.5%
Undergraduate Enrollment by College, Fall 2020
College: Enrollment:
Tippie College of Business 2,934
College of Education 645
College of Engineering 1,995
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 15,359
College of Medicine 145
College of Nursing 636
College of Public Health 227
University College 464
Full or Part-Time Status, Fall 2020
Status: Percentage:
Full-time 85.5%
Part-time (enrolled for fewer than 12 semester hours) 14.5%

Source: UI Registrar Profile of Students, Fall 2019