Thursday, November 5, 2020

At the University of Iowa, we want the admission process to be as easy and flexible as possible for Fall 2021. Any academic disruptions your students may have experienced will not keep them from being considered for admission at the University of Iowa. 

Should my student include a test score or not include a score when applying to the University of Iowa?
If your student was able to take the ACT or SAT, there is no risk in them self-reporting that score on our application. If they provide a test score, we will review their application with our Regents Admission Index. If the outcome is not favorable, we will use an alternate review process without their test score to see if that outcome is different and more favorable for their admission decision.

If your student has not had the opportunity to take a standardized test—there is no reason for them to wait to apply. They can apply now and leave the test score section on the application blank and still be considered for admission. They will also be considered for scholarships awarded by the Office of Admissions, Honors Program admission, and direct admission to academic programs.

Your student can still submit a test score or an additional test score after application (prior to April 1, 2021) and be reconsidered for admission and scholarships.
At some institutions, if your student chooses a test-optional path on the application—they are locked into that path and don’t have an option to change at a later date. That is not the case for students applying to Iowa. Your student can leave the test score section blank at the time of application and submit a score later if they choose. Additionally, they can include a score on the application and send us a new score at a later date for reconsideration on admissions and scholarship decisions.

Apply now - there's no reason to wait.
Encourage your students to join the Hawkeye family today! Students can apply to the University of Iowa via the Common ApplicationCoalition Application, or our institutional application

Again, thank you for all you do to support your students and help them through these challenging times. We would love your feedback and are happy to help in any way possible. You can contact us via email at, phone at 319-335-3847, or social media on our Facebook page.