We understand that COVID-19 has caused limited access to ACT and SAT tests. Any academic disruptions you have experienced will not keep you from being considered for admission at the University of Iowa. We encourage you to apply for admission even if you do not have a test score. An individual review process will be used to make an initial admission decision for students who do not self-report a test score as part of their application. This temporary exemption by the Iowa Board of Regents removes the testing requirement for Fall 2021 applicants.

  • Students admitted to the University of Iowa without a test score may also be considered for direct admission to University of Iowa academic programs.
  • All admitted first-year students with or without an ACT or SAT score on file will be considered for scholarships awarded by the Office of Admissions.
  • Students who are able to take the SAT or ACT after application or admission may choose to self-report or send official test scores prior to April 1, 2021 if they wish to be reconsidered for admission, direct admission to academic programs, or additional scholarship opportunities. Subsequent receipt of test scores will never negatively impact a previous admission or scholarship decision.
  • Any student who provides an ACT or SAT score either at the time of application or at a later date may be admitted using the established Regent Admission Index (RAI).

For more information and updates as they become available, visit: admissions.uiowa.edu/testing