The University of Iowa is partnering with the scholarship platform on a statewide pilot project to encourage and improve college readiness among Iowa high school students.

Using, high school students from select school districts in each of Iowa's 99 counties will be eligible to earn up to a total of $1,200 in "micro-scholarships" to attend the UI by meeting certain criteria, such as achieving an A or a B grade in select math classes or being involved in arts, athletics or other extra-curricular programs.

The goal of the program is to encourage students to take rigorous courses and get involved in school activities, all while saving for future college expenses.

"Even if they ultimately decide not to attend the University of Iowa, participating students will be better prepared for success at any post-secondary institution," said Bruce Harreld, UI President.

The high schools selected for the four-year pilot project are from the district in each county with the highest Free and Reduced Lunch percentage, based on 2015-16 data from the Iowa Department of Education. Learn more about the Iowa for All 99 program or sign up at the website. The deadline for high school seniors to sign up is Apr. 1, 2016.