Mailing your belongings to the University of Iowa Central Mail Services will cost less and will be more convenient than shipping them through a universal shipping service.

Sending items through the mail
Most personal mailings valued at less than $200 (and gift packages valued at less than $100) will pass duty-free as long as the total value of all packages received by a recipient in a single day does not exceed those value limits.

All baggage and packages must be marked with your name and mailed to the following address:

Your Name
Central Mail Services
Attn: Manager, Central Mail
The University of Iowa
2222 Old Highway 218 South
Iowa City, IA 52242-1602

Up to six boxes will be handled free of charge. Storage of more than six boxes will incur a storage fee. Please be aware that you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation to Central Mail to pick up your belongings.

You must present a photo ID or passport to pick up your belongings at Central Mail Services (1-319-384-3800).

If you decide to ship items
If you ship your belongings through a universal shipping service, make sure they go to Des Moines, Iowa, which is the nearest customs port to Iowa City. Des Moines is 120 miles from Iowa City, so you will have to travel to Des Moines to retrieve your items yourself or pay a customs broker to clear your belongings through customs.

Save all written records regarding baggage or packages that you mail or ship in case problems arise.