There are many opportunities to help students make a smooth transition to Iowa and enjoy the advantages of a University of Iowa education.

On Iowa! Program

All first-year students get their start as a Hawkeye at the required three-day On Iowa! immersion program, which includes early move-in and lots of activities a few days before fall classes begin. The program is packed with opportunities for you to make friends, learn Iowa traditions, explore campus activities, and commit to The IOWA Challenge for success in and beyond the classroom. Watch the video from the fall 2011 program!

Four-Year Graduation Plan

Students who participate in the University's Four-Year Graduation Plan can be assured that they will be able to enroll in courses allowing graduation in four years.

Pick One Program

The University encourages first-year students to explore the many activities and opportunities available and Pick One—at least one—to get involved in during their first semester.

Living-Learning Communities

Spend time with a peer group that shares your academic interests by joining a Living-Learning Community. In addition to providing activities and academic opportunities, each community has its own floor or floors in the residence halls.

College Success Initiatives

The College Success Initiatives are designed to introduce students to the University and the college experience, with assignments focusing on issues such as goal setting, decision making, study skills, time management, campus resources, diversity, and choosing a major.


Knowing how to use the digital tools available at the University will enrich your student experience and assist with your academic success. The Online@Iowa course will help you develop skills for staying in touch, researching, registering for classes, and reviewing your grades, among other activities.


Make career connections and explore a potential profession while you are still in college. The Career Center can help you connect with a wide variety of internships, including some that offer college credit.

Study abroad programs

Spend a winter, spring, summer, or even a year studying in another country. Review the benefits of our Study Abroad Programs.

Student organizations

Join student government, the Cycling Club, or the Academic Quiz Club. There are nearly 500 officially recognized Student Organizations.

Mathematics Incentive Program (MIP)

The Mathematics Incentive Program at Iowa lets you earn credit for a lower-level mathematics course if you take the Level 3 Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) and receive a sufficient grade in a higher-level mathematics class.

Furthering Language Incentive Program (FLIP)

The Furthering Language Incentive Program at Iowa grants extra credit in a world language to students with sufficient scores on the World Languages Placement Test (WLPT).

Writing Programs

Take advantage of Iowa's great writing resources. Consider joining one of the many Writing Programs on campus.

Performance Opportunities

All Iowa students regardless of major are encouraged to take advantage of the University's wide variety of Performance Opportunities, which include acting, singing, dancing, playing music, and writing for the stage. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to just sit back and watch, too.