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Amy’s first look at the University of Iowa had her wishing she was already a student on campus.

“My sister went here, and when my family and I dropped her off and helped her move in, I wasn't sure if I was crying because I would miss my sister or because I wanted to be a student here that bad!”

She says one of the biggest factors that set the University of Iowa apart from other schools is Iowa City’s one‐of‐a‐kind downtown area.

“Iowa City is no big city with skyscrapers, but it's special because of all the unique "only in Iowa City" restaurants and shops you can find downtown and in the pedestrian mall area.”

“When you visit Iowa City, you don't get a burger from McDonald's or pizza from Pizza Hut, you go to Shorts and the Airliner!” she says.

Some of Amy’s favorite experiences at the UI come from being a part of the marching band.

“Before and after every football game, we sing the Alma Mater. This is a unique tradition to the band, and I encourage current and future Hawkeyes to look up the lyrics. It's all about the importance of being a scholar, keeping traditions alive and continuing the honor of being a Hawkeye after we've ‘bid farewell and part.’ I try to be the living embodiment of the Alma Mater throughout my time at this university.”

Amy’s advice for incoming students is the same advice her sister gave to her when she came to college: If it’s legal, say yes.

“Although this advice shouldn't be taken to a tee, what it's really recommending is to try as many new experiences as you can (as long as it's legal).”

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