Communication Studies



As a senior in high school, Deneissa thought she wanted to go to a southern university, but Iowa’s charms soon won her over.

“I visited the campus and I fell in love with how close to home I would be and the fact that Iowa felt like my home away from home.”

Living in an on‐campus residence hall her first year is one experience Deneissa is glad she had.

“The residence hall experience at the University of Iowa is so hard to explain without leaving anything out. I made some of my current best friends in the residence hall. Late night chats with my floor mates are some of my favorite memories.”

Deniessa says prospective students should look for a school with a strong sense of community.

“College life is not easy to transition to, but if you find a place that you feel is warm and welcoming to who you are and what you want to accomplish as an undergraduate, take advantage of that. Choosing a college that provides you with a four year community to thrive in is what you should look for in a school.”

Iowa Edge Associate Peer leader
Campus Activities Board Executive
Academic Resource Center Employee