Political Science, Minor in Rhetoric and Persuasion



The University of Iowa was never on Derik’s radar when he began his college search. After his parents convinced him to take a campus tour, he was sold on going to school here. “I still remember my official visit here and the first time I saw the campus. We were driving east on Burlington Street right by the rec center. I looked at my parents and immediately told them that I was going to go here. Something about the feeling of Iowa City and the university just seemed so right and natural”. 

Being a political science major at the University of Iowa has exposed Derik to countless opportunities working with the Iowa Caucus and interacting with presidential candidates that visit campus. 

He encourages all students to get outside of their comfort zone and say "yes" to each and every new opportunity that arises during your time here. "You don’t grow as a person when you stay in your own bubble".

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