Computer Science


Zhengzhou, Henna province, China

Fei's favorite experience at the University of Iowa has been getting a job at the Dental College because it helped her to know the differences between each college in the university. 

In addition to that, Fei enjoys the short story machine in the library on campus, she prints short stories for people and it is very fun.

Fei says that since Iowa is in a college town it is a good place to focus on her academic studies. People on campus are so nice and kind, which is very important to her. Fei states that everyone on campus is always willing to help, which makes her feel warm and forget about her homesickness. 

Fei is an International Ambassador for the University of Iowa Office of Admissions. If you're a prospective international student who has any questions about life at Iowa, please feel free to reach out to her via email at

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