Health and Human Physiology, Pre-Dental



Jeremy did an in-depth search before visiting any schools. His top factors included finding a prestigious dental school, a well-known undergraduate science department, and opportunities to get involved in research and student organizations. He landed at the University of Iowa. Since then he has discovered that all of those factors hold true at Iowa and more.

"Anytime I have had a question or was struggling a fellow peer or the professor was always there to guide and assist me in any way they could" Jeremy tells us. Outside of the classroom he has chosen to get involved in a variety of organizations and has participated in two research labs. 

When he talks about his research experience he says that they, "have greatly increased my knowledge within the science world and have given me a taste of how the science field can be applied for practical everyday use." Outside of school work and extracurriculars Jeremy enjoys watching the Hawks.

"I am a huge sports fan so whenever I do get free time I love going to cheer on my school!"

He leaves future Hawkeyes with some advice, "There are going to be thousands of opportunities that will come your way in college, stay open to them. You never know which one will change your life."

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