Biology - Genetics & Biotechnology (Pre-Pharmacy), Minor in English, Certificate in Drug Disposition and Metabolism



Kelsie's favorite experience at Iowa is getting the chance to participate in the first-ever wave to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital during a football game during her freshman year. Kelsie goes on to say, "I love the way everyone has come together in support of our hospital, through that simple action and many others! The sense of purpose and connection everyone shares for supporting the kiddos is incredible"

In her spare time, Kelsie enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, swimming, or biking around Iowa City. 

Some advice that Kelsie would like to give to prospective students is to not expect college to be a repeat of high school, expect it to be something new with a series of lessons and experiences that will set you up for a life of possibilities that would not have otherwise been available for you. Put yourself out there by challenging yourself, take advantage of open doors, and do not expect things to fall into your lap. 

Students to Assist Recruitment
Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club Team
UI Biology Club
Euchre Club
Recreational Services Charter Committee
Research Intern in the Laboratory of Dr. Aliasger Salem