Journalism & Mass Communication, Entrepreneurial Management



Iowa was never at the top of Mario's list, but something kept drawing him back to campus while he was visiting schools. He decided on attending the University of Iowa, because he fell in love with the atmosphere and the opportunities he would be given as a student. A special opportunity that Mario appreciates is working on a prestigious student run college newspaper, The Daily Iowan. 

"I love walking around campus and seeing familiar faces or my friends. You really feel at home when you're on campus and I enjoy that aspect tremendously."

Mario loves helping out at The Daily Iowan, but tells us that attending his first night football game has been one of his favorite memories. He feels lucky to cover and write about the football games for the student newspaper!

He encourages all students to get outside of their comfort zone and see what's out there! "Iowa really changes you and it has allowed me to be nothing more than myself" says Mario.