The College Transition Program offers first-year students an opportunity to take three courses together to help with their adjustment to college level academics. The three courses are:

  • CSI:1100 College Transition Seminar: 1 sh
  • CSI:1150 College Transition Workshop: 1 sh
  • A General Education course: 3 or 4 sh

CSI:1100 College Transition Seminar is a course designed to help first-year students make a smooth transition to college level academics. Topics include time management, study skills, test preparation, goal setting and using university resources.  Each College Transition Seminar will have 20 students who are also taking the same General Education course and are also enrolled in a College Transition (CT) Workshop. Seminars are taught by staff members at the university.

CSi:1150 College Transition Workshops are a structured learning experience led by a successful undergraduate student (CT Workshop Leader) who will help the students enrolled take the academic skills they are learning in CT Seminar and apply them to their shared General Education course. The CT Workshop Leaders facilitate two workshops per week where students refine their lecture notes, discuss readings, and create study materials.  Each Workshop will have 10 students in them. 

In Fall 2021, the General Education courses used were:

  • BIOL:1140 Human Biology: Nonmajors
  • GEOG:1070 Contemporary Environmental Issues
  • JMC:1100 Media, Uses & Effects
  • JMC:1200 Media History and Culture
  • SOC:1010   Introduction to Sociology
  • PSY:1001   Elementary Psychology
  • CHEM:1070 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM:1110 Principles of Chemistry I