We're here to help you understand and plan for expenses you can expect during your first year on campus.

These are the estimated 2022-23 costs of attending the University of Iowa for an undergraduate student enrolled full time (12 or more semester hours) for the fall and spring semesters. These figures include a one-time University Records and Document Fee of $225 for new students. 

Tuition and fees vary for International Students and for undergraduate students in business, engineering, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. Tuition and fees for Part-Time and Online Students (enrolled for fewer than 12 semester hours per semester) are assessed based on the number of semester hours. 

Estimated Costs of Attendance

Estimated Costs of Attendance - Living On Campus, 2022-23
Billed expenses Iowa Residents Nonresidents
Tuition & fees* $9,942 $31,905
Housing & meals** $11,476 $11,476
Total billed expenses $21,418 $43,381
Other estimated expenses Iowa Residents Nonresidents
Books & supplies $950 $950
Personal expenses*** $3,078 $3,078
Transportation $1,026 $1,026
Total estimated expenses $5,054 $5,054

Estimated Costs of Attendance - Living at home, 2022-23
Billed expenses Iowa Residents
Tuition & fees* $9,942
Total billed expenses $9,942
Other estimated expenses Iowa Residents
Books & supplies $950
Housing & meals $3,762
Personal expenses*** $3,078
Transportation $1,026
Total estimated expenses $8,816

* The tuition listed is estimated and is finalized each summer for the following school year by the State of Iowa Board of Regents. Tuition varies for students in these areas of study:

  • Business students pay $11,726 for residents ($33,728 for nonresidents); third- and fourth-year business students pay $13,480 for residents ($35,653 for nonresidents).
  • Computer Science and Informatics students pay $9,942 for residents ($31,905 for nonresidents); third- and fourth-year computer science and informatics students pay $10,942 ($32,905 for nonresidents).
  • Engineering students pay $11,304 for residents ($33,248 for nonresidents); second-, third-, and fourth-year engineering students pay $13,104 ($35,338 for nonresidents).
  • Medicine undergraduates pay $9,740 for residents ($31,703 for nonresidents).
  • Nursing students pay $12,915 for residents ($35,028 for nonresidents).
  • Pharmacy students pay $29,359 for residents ($39,223 for nonresidents).

** Based on a weighted room average and the unlimited (Gold) meal plan for the academic year (9 months)*** Personal expenses include phone charges, clothes, entertainment, laundry, and other costs. Although your actual expenses will vary, these estimates should help you plan a budget.

Detailed tuition and fee information

Billing & Payment Information

The University Billing Office generates bills on the first of each month. Contracted charges—including tuition, fees, housing and meals—are billed June 1 for the Summer Session, August 1 for the Fall Semester, December 1 for the Winter Session, and January 1 for the Spring Semester.

Resident/Nonresident Classification

The UI Registrar's Office determines the classification of residents and nonresidents for tuition purposes.

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