The Certificate in Critical Cultural Competence is offered for undergraduate students in any major and is administered by the School of Social Work.

Study in Critical Cultural Competence is designed to help you learn how to appreciate your own cultural identity while developing the ability to examine and understand your orientation to other people's cultural identities, such as class, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.

The certificate program will help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you'll need in order to relate effectively across cultures in diverse environments, both domestic and international.

Students who complete the certificate program develop an awareness of treating people fairly, equitably, and thoughtfully and being concerned with issues of power, privilege, and social justice; an understanding culture-related privilege and disprivilege, and a greater appreciation for cultural differences.

The program will help you prepare for work in all sorts of fields, such as business, communication, education, health, psychology, and social work.


Critical Cultural Competence

The University of Iowa provides a variety of scholarships to eligible undergraduate students through the Iowa Scholarship Portal. Scholarships are available to first-year, transfer, and currently enrolled students. For additional details on scholarships for your program of study, check directly with the department or college. 

The Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Financial Aid also are great resources for students seeking scholarships. 


Students establish study plans while in the foundations course and in collaboration with the certificate program coordinator. The coordinator approves the final plan and coordinates with the student's adviser in their major to shape a study plan that complements their academic program and career interests.

For information about admission and course requirements, view Critical Cultural Competence in the UI General Catalog.