Human Physiology Transfer Tips

Designed for pre-medical students and those wanting to go to professional or graduate school after completion of the BS, career choices include physician, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, and related occupations as well as careers in scientific research at the post-graduate level.

  • Students should consider transferring to the University of Iowa at the start of their sophomore year. Waiting to transfer could delay graduation.
  • Students should complete as many College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Requirements before transferring.
  • Complete the fourth level of a single world language as needed for Iowa's General Education Program as soon as possible to graduate within a total of four years of college study.
  • Students should choose an equivalent to a UI General Education course in psychology.
  • Students should begin working on the mathematics prerequisite to the chemistry courses immediately, if needed.
  • Students must complete a Calculus I course (MATH:1850) or the equivalent and should begin the prerequisites if needed immediately.
  • Faculty strongly advise against splitting any science sequence between institutions since topics and methods vary. Successful students take an entire science and/or math sequence at one institution.
  • Students who do not plan to take CHEM:1120 Principles of Chemistry II at their first institution should wait and take the entire chemistry (CHEM:1110 Principles of Chemistry I and CHEM:1120 Principles of Chemistry II) sequence at UI.
  • Students should take the complete biology sequence (BIOL:1411 Foundations of Biology and BIOL:1412 Diversity of Form and Function) at either their first OR second institution but should not split the sequence.
  • A higher level of statistics is required; this level of course is generally not offered at Iowa community colleges. Be sure the statistics course taken transfers as an upper level statistics course. Students needing an introduction to statistics should take a course in preparation for an upper level course at Iowa.
  • Students must take the Human Physiology with Laboratory course at UI.
  • Sample four-year plans are available at this link:\

Access the Human Physiology website for more details on course requirements and application procedures.

Use the Online Equivalency Guide to determine appropriate transfer course equivalencies.

Contact Jennifer Rogers at 319-353-5430 or with questions.

These resources can help facilitate your transfer to Iowa:

Human Physiology