The certificate program in International Business helps students gain an understanding of the global economy and a broad awareness of the political, historical, and social environments in which international business operates.

The program’s wide range of courses will enable you to tailor the certificate to your interests, whether you’re majoring in business or in a liberal arts and sciences discipline.

For the certificate, you'll combine business courses on economics, finance, marketing, and trade law with courses on international relations and institutions.

You also will do in-depth study of a world language or a study abroad experience and complete courses for the related geographic area. Certificate students may substitute a study abroad experience for the world language sequence requirement, as specificed in the certificate.

The study abroad experience must be for a minimum of three semester hours and must be graded. Students are expected to coordinate this study abroad experience with their course work chosen to fulfill the Area Studies requirement. Students who plan to count study abroad credit toward the certificate should consult a Certificate in International Business adviser before leaving campus.

Admission Requirements

The International Business Certificate is open to undergraduate students who are majoring in areas in either the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa.

Review International Business in the UI General Catalog for more details about admission and course requirements.

Application Process

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Undergraduate certificate programs are available to students once they are enrolled in a degree program at Iowa, or after they have received a bachelor's degree. Review our Areas of Study to select a major.


International Business