Journalism and Mass Communication Transfer Tips

The school may accept transfer credit from other institutions for up to, but not more than 9 s.h. for the Journalism and Mass Communication major or 3 s.h. for the News and Media Literacy minor of the total credit in journalism and mass communication that Iowa requires. Any transfer credit intended to meet School of Journalism and Mass Communication requirements must be discussed with a journalism adviser and approved by the head of undergraduate studies. 

  • If students want to graduate in four years, they should spend no more than 3 semesters at the community college with the fourth semester taken at Iowa. Students should complete the UI Rhetoric requirement before transferring and as soon as possible with Composition I, II, and Speech, if taken at the community college. Students should begin to complete as many College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education CORE Requirements as possible, including the fourth level of a single world language as needed for Iowa's General Education Program. 
  • Students completing all of their College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education CORE Requirements, including their World Language (with the exception of Diversity and Inclusion, which must be taken at the University of Iowa) prior to transfer can graduate in two additional years. 
  • Transfer students with an Associate of Arts degree from an Iowa community college will enter the university having fulfilled all of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) CORE (General Education Program) requirements except for World Language and Diversity and Inclusion. 
  • Students must complete these 4 courses as soon as possible after they are admitted to Iowa:
    • JMC:1100 Media Uses and Effects
    • JMC:1200 Media History and Culture
    • JMC:1300 Principles of Strategic Communication or JMC:1400 Principles of Journalism
    • JMC:1600 Writing Fundamentals
  • In addition to the journalism major courses, students must complete either a second major, an approved UI certificate, OR a 24 s.h. concentration in another area of study. Students must have at least 15 s.h. of upper-level course work in that concentration, so a maximum of 3 courses from a community college will be accepted toward the concentration. If students elect a second major or certificate, community college credits would be evaluated by that major. Students should explore this second area of interest at a community college, helping to build a strong foundation in an area of expertise. 

Use the Online Equivalency Guide to determine appropriate transfer course equivalencies.

Contact Anna Newnum by phone: 319-335-3845, email, or email with additional questions. 

These resources can help facilitate your transfer to Iowa:

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