The Medieval Studies Program provides an introduction to the history and culture of the The Certificate in Medieval Studies program enables students to combine study in three or more disciplines into an organized investigation of the Middle Ages, a rich historical period that continues to influence today's culture. 

Medieval society provides a window to those centuries that span the end of the ancient world and the beginning of the modern era.

Why Iowa?

This program is interdisciplinary, drawing on disciplines from across the university, and it is designed to provide the tools necessary to pursue a more advanced study of these periods in a number of areas.

For the certificate, you may choose to study the Middle Ages as a distinct time period or as a complement to subjects such as art history, classics, comparative literature, world languages, gender or sexuality studies, music, philosophy, religion, and theatre arts.

You'll be encouraged to take courses in a language relevant to medieval times, such as Arabic, Old English, or Biblical Hebrew.

Admission Requirements

The certificate may be earned by any student admitted to the University of Iowa who is not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program.


Medieval Studies

The University of Iowa provides a variety of scholarships to eligible undergraduate students through the Iowa Scholarship Portal. Scholarships are available to first-year, transfer, and currently enrolled students. For additional details on scholarships for your program of study, check directly with the department or college. 

The Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Financial Aid also are great resources for students seeking scholarships. 


The undergraduate Certificate in Medieval Studies requires at least 18 s.h. in medieval studies coursework.

Courses used to fulfill GE CLAS Core requirements or the requirements of a major or minor may be counted toward the certificate in most cases.

Up to 6 s.h. of transfer credit may be counted toward certificate requirements, with the Certificate in Medieval Studies coordinating committee's approval; contact the certificate program's coordinator.

See Medieval Studies in the UI General Catalog to learn about required course work.