Science and technology challenges related to national defense in maritime environments demand a workforce with a strong foundation in the engineering sciences related to fluid flow, computational and experimental methods, dynamical systems, and control. 

The undergraduate Certificate in Naval Hydrodynamics introduces students to the basic principles of naval hydrodynamics, including propulsion, resistance, maneuvering, and seakeeping.

While this program would be helpful to students wanting to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Navy, the primary purpose of the program is to provide a solid technical and leadership background that will help graduates thrive in civilian careers in Navy science and technology positions and in supporting industry.

Because of the strong emphasis on fluid dynamics fundamentals, the program also provides effective preparation for work in a wide range of industries and applications not necessarily related to naval hydrodynamics. 

This certificate is administered by the College of Engineering's Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Why Study at Iowa

Students completing this certificate will work in a unique learning community where they'll have an opportunity to contribute to projects of interest to the Navy and its supporting industry and to learn about potential career paths. 

Course Work

The program requires 18 semester hours of course work selected from a set of courses focusing on fluid dynamics, experimental and numerical methods, and naval hydrodynamics. Students will gain a strong foundation in leadership, problem solving, and naval hydrodynamics and will develop knowledge of Navy science and technology challenges. 

Students must complete either a naval hydrodynamics design project or an independent investigation involving research or testing of a system related to naval hydrodynamics. If a student chooses, both courses may be completed for credit toward the certificate. 

Mechanical engineering students may use this certificate as a tailored engineering focus area by adding an additional eligible course and they may earn the certificate while they complete the design elective focus area for their major. 

See the Certificate in Naval Hydrodynamics website for more information. 

Admission Requirements

The Certificate in Naval Hydrodynamics program is open to current University of Iowa undergraduate students and to all individuals who are not enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program. 

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Application Process

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