Nursing Transfer Tips

Students must meet certain criteria to be considered for Standard Admission to the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. A combination of up to 80 transfer and current UI pre-Nursing students will be admitted each Spring semester through the Standard Admission process.

In order to be considered for admission to the undergraduate BSN program, students must have completed, or be in the process of completing all prerequisites.

Additional information about prerequisite UI course work:

  • NURS:3110 Healthcare Finance will be available online through the University of Iowa or on campus at the University of Iowa for transfer students who have earned admission to our program. Transfer students will be required to enroll and successfully complete this online course the fall semester prior to starting their nursing education. Students will receive information about enrolling in this course when selected for admission.  A transfer student could choose to complete this course on campus in a spring semester as part of the prerequisite plan (this would require an application to the University of Iowa and the transfer student should work with the Office of Admissions for guidance on the appropriate application.)
  • Complete a course equivalent to STAT:1020 Elementary Statistics and Inference.
  • Four years (fourth-level proficiency) of the same world language or two years (second-level proficiency) in two different world languages, or two years of the same world language plus additional required course work. 
  • All prerequisites, including the world language requirement, and a minimum of 64 semester hours must be completed prior to the start of the Nursing program (67 semester hours is preferred).
  • No more than two natural sciences and no more than two social sciences can be unfinished as of June 1 in the application period.

Admission to the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is competitive. Please note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission. From the applicants who meet minimum requirements, those who appear to be best qualified will be admitted. Admission will be offered conditionally pending completion of all prerequisite courses.

The number and the quality of the applicants will determine the competitiveness of the applicant pool. Historically, students who have built a solid science foundation, who demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly, who have an understanding of professional nursing practice, and who have excelled in the prerequisite course work have had the highest probability of earning admission.

These resources can help facilitate your transfer to Iowa:

For additional information, including information on application deadlines, health, and clinical requirements, and a list of frequently asked questions, please visit or contact the College of Nursing directly at 319-335-8216 or