Radiation Sciences RT to BS Transfer Tips

Admission Requirements for Online RT to BS Degree Completion

  • Prerequisite Courses (must be completed or in progress prior to admission):
    • Rhetoric: RHET:1030 Accelerated Rhetoric
    • Natural Science: anatomy, one of these:
      • HHP:1100 Human Anatomy
      • ACB:3110 Principles of Human Anatomy
    • AND one of these:
      • BIOL:1140 Human Biology
      • CHEM:1070 General Chemistry I
      • CHEM:1110 Principles of Chemistry I
      • HHP:1300 Fundamentals of Human Physiology
      • HHP:3500 Human Physiology
      • PHYS:1400 Basic Physics
      • PHYS:1511 College Physics
  • Psychology: PSY:1001 Elementary Psychology
  • Quantitative/Formal Reasoning: one of these:
    • MATH:1440 Math for the Biological Sciences
    • MATH:1020 Elementary Functions
    • MATH: 1340 Math for Business
  • General Education: 3sh from 2 of the following areas:
    • Diversity and Inclusion (DI)
    • Historical Perspectives (HP)
    • International and Global Issues (IGI)
    • Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts (LVPA)
    • Values and Culture (VC)
  • Medical Terminology: CLSA:3750 Medical and Technical Terminology
  • 2.5 minimum cumulative college GPA in non-RT college courses
  • Completion of a Radiologic Technology or Nuclear Medicine Technology program
  • ARRT radiography, ARRT nuclear medicine, or NMTCB nuclear medicine certification (60 s.h. are awarded)
  • International students and students whose first language is not English: Satisfaction of all UI Admissions requirements; completion of the English Language Requirements for Admission, the English Proficiency Evaluation, and all proficiency courses required for clearance to take a full academic load. 

Admission Process:

  • Apply to the undergraduate College of Medicine Radiation Sciences major, if admission requirements have been met or are in progress. Applications are due April 1 for summer or fall OR November 1 for spring admit. Apply early; allow processing time.
  • Follow Admissions’ Profile instructions in MyUI to complete mandatory orientation and advising sessions.

Degree Requirements:

All courses for one of the following online modalities: see the RT to BS Degree Requirements

  • Breast Imaging (BI) 22 s.h.
  • Cardiovascular Interventional (CVI) 23 s.h.
  • Computed Tomography (CT) 21 s.h.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 23 s.h.
  • Multi-Modality Plan 21 s.h.

Stats and Management/Organization:

  • STAT:1020 Elementary Statistics & Inference or STAT:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods 
  • MGMT:2100 Intro to Management or COMM:1819 Organizational Leadership or MGMT:3500 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I

Semester hour, GPA, and Residency Requirements:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative and UI GPA
  • Complete all modality courses with a C or above
  • Complete a minimum of 30 consecutive semester hours in the College of Medicine

These resources can help facilitate your transfer to Iowa:

Radiation Sciences contact information: radiation-sciences@uiowa.edu  or 1-319-353-8388