The undergraduate Certificate in Writing enables students in any major to benefit from the university's wide-ranging writing programs and resources by pursuing a concentration in writing related to their majors, career goals, or personal interests. Good writing skills will help you in all fields of study and in any career you choose.

Why Study at Iowa

The University of Iowa is known nationally and internationally for its writing programs, particularly for its top-ranked graduate programs in creative writing (Iowa Writers' Workshop) and nonfiction writing. It also offers numerous discipline-based undergraduate and graduate programs that emphasize writing, and several of its colleges have their own writing centers.

In addition to core courses required for this certificate, students also take courses in at least two of these areas:

  • Writing for the professions
  • Writing and the literary arts
  • Writing and the media
  • Writing in context
  • Student-designated writing-intensive courses

In addition to this certificate program, the university offers a BA degree in English and Creative Writing through the Department of English.

Literary Publishing Track

This track provides an overview of what it takes to work in the publishing industry. Students will learn the process of acquiring manuscripts, choosing stories, editing and proofreading the works, and creating the final design.

The Literary Publishing track is open to students in any major and to all individuals who hold a bachelor's degree and are not enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program.

Course Work

To earn the Writing certificate, you'll explore writing and develop your own writing skills in a range of genres and for different purposes, such as creative writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry); writing for the professions, including the arts, business, journalism, science, and many others; writing for organizations; and writing related to personal interests. You'll also participate in writing community activities.

Admission Requirements

Review Writing in the UI General Catalog for more details about admission and course requirements.

Student Opportunities

Students in this certificate program may enjoy living in the Iowa Writers Living Learning Community in the UI residence halls.

Application Process

Application Process Tabs

Undergraduate certificate programs are available to students once they are enrolled in a degree program at Iowa, or after they have received a bachelor's degree. Review our Areas of Study to select a major.


Literary Publishing