First-year students and transfer applicants for whom payment of the application fee presents a significant financial hardship may request an application fee waiver.

Applications are not processed until the Office of Admissions receives one of the following three forms of documentation:

  1. an ACT or SAT fee waiver;
  2. a letter from a high school or college official on school letterhead confirming that payment of the fee would represent a significant financial hardship to the student and/or family; or
  3. a letter from a TRIO or Gear Up program official verifying participation in a federal program for low-income students.

Application fee waiver documentation can be uploaded to the Tests/Documents section of your Admissions Profile in MyUI. You can also send fee waiver documentation to: Office of Admissions, 108 Calvin Hall, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1396.

There is no fee waiver for international applicants.