How do Students Get Started?

Students begin by creating an account on Once the account is established, students should follow the University of Iowa and add achievements such as grades, extracurricular activities and leadership positions to their portfolio.

The University of Iowa, in cooperation with, is partnering with one school district in each of Iowa’s 99 counties. The program helps students in grades 9-12 earn micro-scholarships for academic and extracurricular achievements throughout high school.  When students add achievements to their portfolio on, they become eligible to earn micro-scholarships.

Some common questions about the program are listed below.

Is free?

Yes. is entirely free for students and high schools. The cost of the program is paid by charitable foundations, colleges, and other funders. To sign up, students go online to and create an account.

How was my school selected?

One district in each Iowa county was selected with the highest rate of students eligible for free and reduced lunch. Selection was based on data from the 2015-16 school year. 

Can students use the scholarships they earn from the University of Iowa program to pay the cost of attending another school?

No. Micro-scholarships are not transferrable between different colleges. You can only use the scholarships that you earn from one school towards the cost of attending that same college -- not to any other school.

Can the scholarship be used in addition to other scholarships from the University of Iowa?

Yes. The UI’s goal is make going to college more accessible to students. So, students who qualify for other need- or merit-based scholarships may use those in addition to the scholarships.

Can students attend a community college first and then use the scholarship at the UI?

Yes. Students who attend an Iowa community college and earn an Associate’s degree may then transfer to the UI and use the full amount of the scholarship.

I’m in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Can I get scholarship money for things I achieved earlier in high school?

Yes. Students can fill in their high school portfolio retroactively with achievements going back to the start of 9th grade, and will be eligible to earn scholarships as if they have been using since 9th grade. The more complete a portfolio is, the more opportunities students have to earn micro-scholarships.

How often should students add achievements to their portfolio?

Students should add achievements as frequently as they can throughout high school.  Adding achievements to the portfolio increases a student’s eligibility for earning scholarships from the University of Iowa. 

Which courses should students add to their portfolio?

Students should add all of their courses from grades 9 through 12 in order for the UI to award them the correct amount in scholarships.  

What are examples of how much students can earn?

  • Earn $25 each for earning a minimum grade of B in Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, or Geometry
  • Take four years of a foreign language and earn $100
  • Earn $75 for each year of perfect attendance
  • Attend an Iowa College Access Network Advising Session, Program or Event and earn $50