IowaLink is an exciting two-semester academic support program for recruited, talented, and motivated students whose academic background might not have provided adequate preparation for some of the college courses at the University of Iowa. 

The IowaLink program helps students succeed as part of a small, friendly learning community. During your first year at UI, you'll learn how to develop the skills and use the study techniques of top students. The program provides experiences in and out of class that link students to academic and support services. 

Each semester, IowaLink students enroll in four to five classes for a total of 12 to 14 semester hours. Some of the courses are required for IowaLink, while others satisfy general education or major requirements. All of them count toward earning a degree. 

IowaLink has five components: 

Academic Seminar (required)

Academic Seminar is an active class that requires energetic participation. The class introduces students to academic culture at Iowa through activities such as reading, writing, discussion, and debate. 

Students learn how to: 

  • organize and manage your time; 
  • transition from being a high school student to being a college student; 
  • become an effective member of a team in the classroom; 
  • think critically and develop problem-solving skills. 

Collaborative Learning (required)

Each semester, students will take a general education course, taught in a large group of 100 or more students and also will be part of a small study group for this course. An experienced Iowa student leads the study group, sharing techniques for how to effectively study for a class. Students will learn how to take concise and meaningful lecture notes, prepare for and take college-level exams, and manage large reading assignments efficiently. 

IowaLink Orientation (required)

IowaLink begins with a two-day orientation, where students learn about university requirements, complete a learning history, tour campus, and meet IowaLink staff. IowaLink orientation is in late August on the Wednesday and Thursday before classes start. 

Academic Advising and Support Services (required)

Students are assigned an academic adviser right from the start. This person is a partner to help students achieve their academic goals. They help select courses, develop plans toward graduation, and connect IowaLink students with support services on campus.

More information

Brian J. Corkery, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Director, 
Academic Advising Center