Tuesday, September 28, 2021

This fall’s incoming undergraduate class at the University of Iowa has yet again topped previous records in achievement with a higher average high school grade-point average (GPA), at 3.81, than any previous class. The average high school GPA for the classes of 2024 and 2023 were 3.78 and 3.76, respectively.

“We are very happy to welcome these newest Hawkeyes,” says Kevin Kregel, executive vice president and provost. “Like every incoming class, they bring fresh talents and perspectives to our campus. And like last year’s class, they’ve already demonstrated tremendous resilience during a challenging time. We look forward to making sure they have the extraordinary opportunities they deserve and supporting them as they pursue their goals.”

The Class of 2025 is composed of 4,521 students, up slightly from last year. About 19% of the class (870) are first-generation students, and about 22% (996) identify as African American, American Indian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Asian, Latinx/a/o, or two or more ethnicities.

Despite the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, Sarah Hansen, vice president for student life, says the Hawkeye spirit is as resilient as ever.

“The Class of 2025 arrived on campus ready and excited to be fully engaged, and they are already demonstrating their commitment to the Hawkeye community,” she says. “We are grateful that they chose the University of Iowa, and we will support them as they pursue their academic and co-curricular passions. We will continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 as Hawkeyes always do—together.”

About 60% of the class (2,702) are Iowa residents, and about 1% (47) are international students. The class represents 94 of Iowa’s 99 counties, 45 U.S. states and territories (as well as Washington, D.C., and bases for the U.S. Armed Forces), and 40 countries.

This year, 21,608 undergraduates are enrolled at Iowa. About 45% of Iowa’s students identify as male, about 55% as female. Graduate students total 6,415, and professional students total 1,886. Postgraduate scholars total 1,297. Total enrollment this fall is 31,206 students.

This information represents a snapshot of enrollment information from early in the fall 2021 semester and may change with time. Per Board of Regents policy, postgraduate scholars are not included in the total enrollment number submitted to the board.