The University of Iowa has a long tradition of fostering educational opportunities for women, including becoming the first public university in the country to admit men and women on an equal basis (in 1855).

Iowa also was the first public U.S. university to grant a law degree to a woman (1873), and was home to the nation's first female college newspaper editor (1907).

Several campus programs continue to strengthen the University's commitment to gender equity.

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To supplement the cost of attending the University, start your scholarship search with the UI Office of Student Financial Aid and adding the University of Iowa to your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Additional resources include:

Community Resources

  • Emma Goldman Clinic—This community-based women's health clinic was founded in 1973.
  • Gender Equity in Sports—This website hosted by two University of Iowa women's athletics supporters is devoted to a discussion of the 1972 legislation that bans sex discrimination in academics and athletics.
  • Iowa Women's Foundation—This community organization serves to raise money to educate and empower all women throughout Iowa.
  • League of Women Voters of Johnson County—This active local organization, which welcomes members of both sexes, researches public policy issues to educate citizens and decision-makers.