Nuclear Medicine Technology Transfer Tips

In order to complete a baccalaureate degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, students must be accepted into and complete program requirements.

60 s.h. of course work must be completed prior to admission to the nuclear medicine technology professional program.

A 2.50 cumulative GPA is required for acceptance into the nuclear medicine technology professional program.

Acceptance into a professional program is selective and not guaranteed.

Application should be made to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences prior to professional program application.

Apply to the Nuclear Medicine Technology professional program before January 15.

Interviews of the most qualified candidates are conducted throughout the month of February and a maximum of 8 students may be selected each year.

Refer to the university catalog for specific admission requirements and application procedures.

Possible courses to complete prior to transferring to Iowa:

  • Rhetoric: RHET:1030 Rhetoric
  • Natural Sciences:
    • Chemistry: CHEM:1110
    • Human Anatomy with Lab (choose one option below):
      • HHP:1150  Human Anatomy with Lab
      • HHP:3115  Anatomy for Human Physiology with Lab
      • HHP:1100 and HHP:1110  Human Anatomy and Lab
      • ACB:3110 and HHP:1110  Principles of Human Anatomy and Lab
    • Human Physiology with Lab (choose one option below):
      • HHP:1350  Fundamentals of Human Physiology with Lab
      • HHP:3550 Human Physiology with Lab
      • HHP:1300 and HHP:1310  Fundamentals of Human Physiology and Lab
      • HHP:3500 and HHP:1310  Human Physiology and Lab
    • Physics: PHYS:1400 or PHYS:1511
  • Social Science:
    • PSY:1001 Elementary Psychology
  • Quantitative/Formal Reasoning:
    • MATH:1440 Math for the Biological Sciences or MATH:1020 Elementary Functions or higher level
  • General Education: 3 sh from 2 of the following areas (6 sh total):
    • Diversity and Inclusion (DI)
    • Historical Perspectives (HP)
    • International and Global Issues (IGI)
    • Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts (LVPA)
    • Values and Culture (VC)
  • Medical Terminology:
    • CLSA:3750 Medical and Technical Terminology

If you would like additional information, please email or call:

Anthony Knight, MBA, CNMT, RT(N)
Program Director
Nuclear Medicine Technology Program
Phone: (319) 356-2954

These resources can help facilitate your transfer to Iowa in nuclear medicine technology: