Radiation Sciences Transfer Tips

A 2.50 cumulative GPA is required for acceptance into a radiation sciences professional program.

Meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the respective professional programs. From the invited applicants, the Admissions Committee selects the interviewees it considers most qualified to succeed in the coursework and practice of the profession. To understand and gain valuable insight to the radiation sciences fields as it relates to the health care delivery system, students are strongly encouraged to visit with or job shadow radiation sciences professionals, volunteer or seek part-time employment in radiation sciences departments, hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics, and consider gaining direct patient care contact prior to application.

The application should be made by mid-December to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences prior to the professional program application.

Apply to the Radiation Sciences professional program before January 15.

Refer to the university catalog for specific admission requirements and application procedures.

Possible courses to complete prior to transferring to Iowa:

Admission Requirements for Baccalaureate Degree in Radiation Sciences

  • Prerequisite Courses:
  • Rhetoric: RHET:1030 Accelerated Rhetoric
  • Natural Science: anatomy, one of these:
    • HHP:1100 Human Anatomy
    • HHP:1150 Human Anatomy with Lab
    • HHP:3105 Anatomy for Human Physiology
    • HHP:3115 Anatomy for Human Physiology with Lab


  • Physiology, one of these:
  • ​​    HHP:1300 Fundamentals of Human Physiology
  •     HHP:1350 Fundamentals of Human Physiology with Lab
  •     HHP:3500 Human Physiology
  •     HHP:3550 Human Physiology with Lab
  • Social Science: PSY:1001 Elementary Psychology
  • Quantitative/Formal Reasoning: one of these:
    • MATH:1440 Math for the Biological Sciences
    • MATH:1020 Elementary Functions
  • General Education: 3sh from 2 of the following areas:​
  • Diversity and Inclusion (DI)
  • Historical Perspectives (HP)
  • International and Global Issues (IGI)
  • Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts (LVPA)
  • Values and Culture (VC)
  • Medical Terminology: CLSA:3750 Medical and Technical Terminology
  • Additional courses for the professional program of interest:
    • Radiologic Technology (two-year track only):
      • A total of 60 s.h. of coursework (including prerequisites and elective credit)
    • Diag. Med. Sonography: one of these:
      • PHYS:1400 Basic Physics (3,4sh), PHYS:1511 College Physics I
    • Radiation Therapy:
      • PHYS:1400 Basic Physics (3,4sh) or PHYS:1511 College Physics I
      • A total of 60 s.h. of coursework (including prerequisites and elective credit)
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed by June 1, with one exception: Physics for the DMS program may be completed in the summer semester.
  • Two years of high school world language is a prerequisite to the professional program.
  • 2.5 minimum cumulative college GPA
  • International students and students whose first language is not English: Must satisfy all UI Admissions requirements; complete the English Language Requirements for Admission, the English Proficiency Evaluation, and have clearance to take a full academic load

Recommended for all professional programs:

  • Job shadowing, patient care experience, and research of professional field
  • RSP:1100 Introduction to Radiation Sciences (required for two-year RT track)
  • PHYS:1400 Basic Physics or PHYS:1511 College Physics I (required for DMS and Therapy)
  • CS:1020 Principles of Computing or MSCI:1500 Business Computing Essentials
  • STAT:1020 Elementary Statistics
  • PSY:1010 Learning About Learning


  • Separate application for competitive selection to the professional track due by January 15
  • Admission to a Radiation Sciences program is not guaranteed.
  • Application and selection process is required due to limited clinical openings.
  • Personal interview for invited applicants
  • Transfer students: Apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Radiation Sciences interest by mid-December. Also, see the Transfer Credits link on the Student Resources tab.

Degree Requirements:

  1. Courses for professional track (College of Medicine, Radiation Sciences undergraduate major)
  2. Semester hour, GPA, and residency requirements

Professional Radiation Sciences track options: Applications are due Jan 15.

  • Radiologic Technology (two-year track)
  • Radiologic Technology and Computed Tomography (three-year track)
  • Radiologic Technology and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (three-year track)
  • Radiologic Technology and Cardiovascular Interventional (three-year track)
  • Radiologic Technology and Breast Imaging (three-year track)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography and General and Vascular (three-year track)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Cardiac and Vascular (three-year track)
  • Radiation Therapy (two-year track)

Semester hour, GPA, and Residency Requirements:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative and UI GPA
  • Complete all track courses with a grade of C or above

These resources can help facilitate your transfer to Iowa:

Radiation Sciences contact information: radiation-sciences@uiowa.edu or 1-319-353-8388