The University of Iowa College of Public Health offers undergraduate degree programs in one of the nation's top-ranked colleges of public health. College of Public Health students can choose between the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in public health and the Bachelor of Science (BS) in public health. Both degree options provide students with an understanding of core public health knowledge areas and prepare students to start careers or continue their education. 

The College of Public Health offers direct admission to first-year students who meet their criteria. 

In order to be admitted, you must:

  • Meet the high school course requirements.
  • Meet the Regent Admission Index (RAI) score equivalent of 265 or higher; and  
  • Present a cumulative high school GPA of 3.33 or higher (can be weighted or unweighted).

Direct admission is available for fall only.

Applicants who meet high school course requirements and either the test score or GPA requirement will be carefully considered for direct admission.

Students may be admitted to this college without a test score.

International Student admission decisions are based on high school courses, GPA, and meeting the English proficiency requirement. ACT/SAT scores are optional but are encouraged for additional merit scholarship consideration.

What if I don't meet direct admit criteria?

Students who are not admitted directly into the College of Public Health still have a path to a public health degree. If you meet the admission criteria for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you will start as a public health interest major in that college. After (or while) you complete the prerequisite courses and satisfy GPA requirements, you can apply for standard admission to the College of Public Health



May 1

Summer Session or Fall Semester