Transferring Credit from other Institutions

Courses completed at colleges and universities accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, or similar regional associations, are acceptable for transfer to the University of Iowa. If your course work was completed at a school not regionally accredited, the recommendations by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers or the American Council on Education will be used.

Transfer Planning Resources

Your Transfer GPA

The university builds on the transfer GPA rather than starting fresh. All grades, including Ds and Fs, on transfer course work will be calculated to find your transfer GPA. Grades from career-technical courses are not figured into your transfer GPA.

Course-Repeat Policy

If you repeat a course at the same institution, or an approved equivalent course from another college, the first grade is not counted in your cumulative transfer GPA. If the course is completed at the University of Iowa, the repeat must also be taken at the University of Iowa. See your Iowa advisor for more information.

Credit from Two-Year Colleges

Course work earned at a two-year college or as part of an associate degree program may be applied toward up to one-half the credits required for a bachelor’s degree from Iowa. Excess credit and grades will be used in computing your grade-point average (GPA) and may be used to satisfy course requirements, but they will not count toward the total hours needed for graduation from the university.

Articulation Agreements

Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

The University of Iowa has AA articulation agreements with all Iowa and Illinois community colleges.

AA Degree Articulation Agreements

Associate of Sciences (AS) Degree

The University of Iowa has an AS articulation agreement with all Iowa community colleges.

AS Degree Articulation Agreement

Iowa Regents Articulation Agreement

Students who have satisfied general education requirements at the University of Northern Iowa or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University may transfer to the University of Iowa's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with all General Education Program requirements (except world language and Diversity and Inclusion) fulfilled. Contact the Office of Admissions for information on the validation procedure.

Credit by Exam

Iowa offers credit for a variety of exams.

Credit by Exam

Credit for Military Service

The Office of Admissions evaluates military transcripts according to the guidelines in the American Council on Education’s Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services when that recommendation is for vocational certificate and lower and/or upper division baccalaureate degrees.

Credit for Military Service

American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Policy

University of Iowa students may be granted credit for educational experiences in non-military, non-collegiate organizations.

American Council on Education Credit Policy

Career-Technical Credit

Up to 16 semester hours of career-technical credit can be used as elective credit toward a degree in the Colleges of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Education, or Business. Career-technical credit, however, comes in as ungraded credit and does not count toward the 24 transferable hours needed for admission. For the Bachelors of Applied Studies (BAS) we will accept up to 60 semester hours of career-technical credit.

Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction

The university reserves the right to independently evaluate credit granted by external agencies and noncollegiate sponsored programs.