Business, Economics, and Management

At Iowa, students learn to how to roll up their sleeves and, through hard work and tenacity, build something new. Here, entrepreneurial thinking is everywhere. Unique resources are available to students who want to explore business leadership first-hand. Incubators, accelerators, funding competitions, founders clubs—if you’re looking to get disruptive, you’ll find a community at Iowa. Hawkeyes consistently graduate ready to do more than just enter the workforce. They graduate ready to lead.

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Business Analytics and Information Systems

Professionals in Business Analytics and Information Systems (BAIS) use advanced computation and mathematical techniques to solve critical business problems. As a BAIS student, you'll become skilled at using computer technology to develop quantitative models and create database systems that will help you apply your knowledge of management decision making.

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Economists study how societies allocate limited resources to achieve competing ends. They employ empirical and deductive methods to analyze incentives, constraints, organizational forms, and market forces.

Economists also draw on the disciplines of mathematics, law, statistics, philosophy, psychology, and history in their efforts to solve problems and address issues such as unemployment, inflation, interest rates, health care, education, and crime.

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Enterprise Leadership

Enterprise leadership is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on developing entrepreneurial management, leadership, and communication skills.

The major promotes problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation through understanding how to strategically address complex issues to meet consumer and organizational needs. Students learn how to effectively communicate, build and lead diverse teams, and understand how social and cultural issues impact organizational effectiveness.

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The finance major will prepare you for a career in one of the most dynamic sectors of the world’s economy. Global financial markets challenge analysts and strategists, and extended market hours increase the demand for trained investment analysts.

Finance professionals interpret the flood of information and implement trading and financial strategies. To prepare for work in this field, you must acquire a grounding in theory balanced with experience in hands-on market trading.

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Working in business management involves human resources; individual, team, and organizational behavior; employment law and ethics; leadership; training and development; negotiation; and organizational design. Management students at Iowa learn about each of these aspects of business, including the theory about them and how they work in real-life situations.

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Marketing is a field that feeds industries as diverse as advertising, retail, product development, and e-commerce. It is vital to the success of countless products, services, social programs, education, and political and social ideas.

The marketing major is about seeing the big picture—and making the right set of choices for businesses and ideas to be successful.

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Risk Management and Insurance

Study of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) helps students understand the many aspects of an industry that is vital to our economy. RMI concentrates on value creation, asset protection, and corporate and financial risk management. It also addresses financial and economic characteristics of exposure to loss and explores techniques for hedging risks and minimizing associated costs.

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Sport and Recreation Management

This degree offers a comprehensive curriculum with a unique integrative business approach and provides a solid background for graduate study in sport or recreation management and other related graduate programs.

The curriculum is designed to meet North American Society for Sport Management and National Recreation and Parks Association competencies. These standards are based on an understanding of business principles such as finance, sales, risk management, administration, marketing, and promotion.