Exercise Science focuses on the body’s response to the various effects of exercise. The program offers many lab-based courses that allow students to apply their knowledge.

Why Iowa?

Degree programs in Iowa's Department of Health and Human Physiology are versatile and designed for students with widely varying academic objectives.

Faculty members place a high priority on teaching and research. Their research focuses on understanding the determinants of lifestyle behaviors, conducting interventions designed to improve health behaviors, and exploring the physiological benefits of improved health behaviors. Faculty work with a variety of populations including children, older adults, pregnant women, and many clinical populations. Many of them collaborate with faculty members in the university’s Carver College of Medicine and the College of Public Health.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in this major need to meet the requirements for admission to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Exercise Science
  Honors Courses
  Four-Year Graduation Plan
Admission Process

Careers and Outcomes

Iowa graduates have job placement rates ranging from 86-100 percent, depending on their area of study, and our Pomerantz Career Center offers multiple resources to help students find internships and jobs.

Exercise Science graduates are prepared to work in fitness areas such as personal training, group fitness, strength and conditioning, and sport coaching. This major also prepares students for health profession programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, chiropractic, and medical school.

Student Opportunities

In addition to having nearly 500 Student Organizations, Iowa students choose from multiple Living-Learning Communities, Study Abroad Programs, and Undergraduate Research Opportunities.


The University of Iowa provides a variety of scholarships to eligible undergraduate students through the Iowa Scholarship Portal. Scholarships are available to first-year, transfer, and currently enrolled students. For additional details on scholarships for your program of study, check directly with the department or college.

The Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Financial Aid are great resources for students seeking scholarships.