To teach elementary students, major in elementary education. To teach in secondary schools, major in the field you'd like to teach (English, Spanish, mathematics, etc.) and complete the Teacher Education Program to earn licensure.

Application Process

  • Elementary Education—Students interested in majoring in elementary education should first apply for admission to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and indicate an interest in elementary education.
  • Secondary Education—Students interested in secondary education should apply to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and indicate a major in the field they would like to teach.

Direct Admission to the Elementary Teacher Education Program

First-year students who present an ACT composite score of 27 or higher and a high school GPA of 3.8 or higher are admitted directly to the Elementary Teacher Education Program.

Admission Requirements

Admission to teacher education programs is competitive. Admission requirements may vary by program and are based on demand and faculty availability. In order to be considered for admission to a teacher education program, an undergraduate student must have met the following criteria:

  • Been admitted to the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts & Sciences with the appropriate subject area major
  • Attained sophomore standing (completed at least 30 semester hours) prior to the semester during which application for admission to the Teacher Education Program is made
  • For undergraduate and post-baccalaureate admission, a cumulative grade-point average of 2.50 or higher is recommended, but not mandatory, on all college course work as well as on course work completed at the University of Iowa (some secondary teaching programs may have higher admission GPA and semester-hour standards).
  • Completed the Application for Admission to a Teacher Education Program, and submitted all of the required materials
  • Completed a 10-hour volunteer experience and submitted the signed verification form before the deadline
  • Submit a Praxis Core Combined Test score (Reading, Writing, Mathematics), with the test code 5751. Required test scores are Reading 156, Writing 162 and Mathematics 150.

Additional Information about the Teacher Education Program