Admission requirements and program details:

Admission requirements vary for each undergraduate program offered by the College of Medicine. Please visit each area of study page for additional details on degree options, course work, and admissions.

Medicine Preprofessional Program:

The University of Iowa offers a pre-health sciences designation (also known as pre-med) that provides undergraduate students with specialized advising and course work in preparation for medical school. 

This designation is separate from the undergraduate majors offered by the Carver College of Medicine. Undergraduate pre-health sciences students are encouraged to choose a major in any area or college at the University of Iowa. 

The Carver College of Medicine is a highly ranked medical school where students learn from top-flight researchers and educators. Students studying medicine at Iowa have access to exceptional opportunities for research and case-based learning. 

The Carver College of Medicine offers undergraduate programs in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Radiation Sciences, and Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Students interested in one of those majors should first apply for admission to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as pre-clinical laboratory science, pre-radiation sciences, or pre-nuclear medicine technology students. 


May 1

Summer Session or Fall Semester