The College of Education offers majors with the teacher education program for students interested in licensure to teach in elementary and secondary schools, as well as a non-licensure major, Education Studies and Human Relations, for students who have goals in a helping profession or in education but do not wish to pursue classroom teaching.

Transfer applicants must meet the admission requirements of a College of Education major, and the transfer admission requirements of the College of Education (same as the transfer admission requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences).

Elementary Education

Transfer applicants are admitted to the Elementary Education major if they meet transfer admission requirements of the College of Education (same as the transfer admission requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences). Transfer students in Elementary Education have two options to progress into the Teacher Education Program. They may:

Secondary Education

Transfer students who would like to teach in secondary schools(grades 5-12 or K-12) apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for a major in the main subject they would like to teach (for example, Biology, or Spanish) and "secondary education interest" as a second major.

Transfer students who have earned 30 semester hours of credit and completed prerequisite courses may apply to the Teacher Education Program and education major (for example, Science Education, or World Language Education).

Education Studies and Human Relations

Transfer Admission
Transfer Admission is available to students who have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 on a minimum of 24 s.h. earned after high school graduation of acceptable graded credit.

Transfer students who do not meet requirements for admission to the major, but who are eligible for transfer admission to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, may declare Education Students and Human Relations Interest, and later apply for Regular Admission to the major.

Regular Admission
Regular Admission is available to students who have completed a minimum of 12 s.h. of graded coursework at the University of Iowa and who have a UI Cumulative GPA of at least 2.50.

Degree Audit

When you are admitted, a Degree Audit will become part of your Admissions Profile in MyUI. The audit:

  • specifies which General Education Requirements and requirements for your major you still need to fulfill,
  • indicates which prerequisite courses need to be fulfilled, and
  • monitors other degree requirements including semester hours, GPA, residency requirement, and college-specific regulations.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

The Office of Admissions evaluates General Education Program requirements, as well as a number of courses applicable to the requirements of your major. Your major department makes decisions about how the rest of your transfer courses apply toward the requirements for your major.

  • Review our Transfer Policies to find out about calculating your transfer GPA, Iowa's course-repeat policy, and other Iowa transfer policies.
  • Search the Transfer Equivalency Guide for commonly transferred courses offered at other Iowa institutions and our major out-of-state transfer colleges. The system is designed for prospective students who want to know how courses will transfer to Iowa and for UI students who plan to take courses at other institutions in the summer or at other times.
  • Some programs have developed transfer plans for students planning to transfer from select colleges. Review our Transfer Planning Resources for more information. 

Application Deadlines

October 1 (priority)
December 1 (final)

Spring Semester


March 1 (priority)
May 1 (final)

Summer Semester


March 1 (priority)
May 1 (final)

Fall Semester