"One reason I chose the University of Iowa is because of the amazing medical opportunities it provides. Having a world-class hospital is the dream for most pre-med students, and I am lucky enough to have one quite literally a few minutes away!"

Area(s) of study
Shueyville, IA

Emma chose the University of Iowa for a couple of reasons. One of them is the proximity to downtown and how integrated into the community the university feels. She says it is so fun to wander through the cute boutiques, frequent the coffee shops, and enjoy the close-knit atmosphere in and around campus. The medical facilities are also one of the main reasons Emma became a Hawkeye!

Although it sounds cheesy, Emma's favorite thing about Iowa is the people. Since arriving at the University of Iowa, she has met so many amazing people through her classes and her student organizations. The University of Iowa is a large campus, but it feels like Emma has her own personal community because she recognizes someone almost everywhere she goes. It made her transition to campus feel seamless and that group of people continues to support her to this day!

Emma's most memorable experience at the University of Iowa was attending the University of Iowa Student Government Joint Session. This is an annual event where the graduate and undergraduate student governments come together to pass legislation. Everyone gets dressed up in business professional clothes and has the opportunity to meet the University President and members of the Board of Regents. It was an amazing opportunity and really made Emma excited for what her future could contain.