Student Profiles

Ainsley Hiestand

Psychology, Biology, Education
Winfield, IL

"The thing I like most about attending the University of Iowa is the connections that I have made. Whether you live on campus or off campus the connections you make here at UI never go away."

Angelina Cotroneo

Newbury Park, CA

"An intimate learning and social environment, combined with the bustling college town of Iowa City, the University of Iowa offered the perfect atmosphere to usher me through my journey to becoming a nurse."

Anna Crosby

Business, Marketing
St. Louis, MO

"I choose the University of Iowa because it had a strong sense of community and pride, with downtown Iowa City right there, you really feel that the whole city is a Hawkeye fan."

Anna Watts

Public Health, Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, Education Studies and Human Relations
St. Charles, IL

"The people here felt like home! Iowa City is unmatched."

Ashley Cimarolli

English and Creative Writing, Cinema
St. Louis, MO

"At the University of Iowa, I'm constantly exposed to different perspectives and new ways of learning. Every day is a new experience!"

Ashley Stepien

Finance, Communication Studies
St. Charles, IL

"I love the college town. The University of Iowa is so much more than its campus, it's the center of Iowa City!"

Aubrey McFadden

Business, Communication Studies, Event Management
Huntley, IL

"I came in as an Open Major, and I found that everyone was more than willing to help me figure out what I wanted to do." 

Bhavya Vats

Biomedical Engineering, Technological Entrepreneurship, Clinical and Translational Science
New Delhi, India

“I love the supportive professors and professional staff that I’ve met at Iowa. They make my ambitions seem attainable and provide tremendous insight and support for my goals.”

Brian Segura

Streamwood, IL

"Other than the campus, Iowa stood out to me because they were one of the best schools academically when it came to the medical field and major I wanted to pursue."

Cameron Bottum

Sport and Recreation Management, Event Management
Roscoe, IL

"I was originally drawn to the University of Iowa for its #1 nationally ranked Sport and Recreation Management program. The program has provided me with countless opportunities in and out of the world of sports to enhance my knowledge surrounding the industry."

Casey Fridner

Marketing, Management, Leadership Studies
Carol Stream, IL

"I love the people at UI! There are so many friendly faces everywhere you go. My friends, professors, and peers are consistently pushing me to succeed."

Cora Vincent

Communication Studies, Philosophy, Event Management
Mount Prospect, IL

"Every other school I was looking at made me feel like I'd have to alter some part of myself or my expectations in order to thrive there. I knew that no matter the career path, the University of Iowa was the place I wanted to grow in."