Environmental Science, Mathematics

"It's just my first semester here and I already have a fun job as the lab assistant at the chemistry lab, worked with a production as a stage manager, I work with two research groups, and am a member of the student garden and the Environmental Coalition."

Psychology, Music

"I love all of the opportunities! There are so many student organizations, student jobs, student events, and the UIHC which makes this university different from all others."

Health and Human Physiology: Health Promotion
“The University of Iowa felt like home the minute I stepped on campus. The thing I love most about attending the University of Iowa is the Hawkeye spirit that is always present on campus and beyond.”
Communication Studies
“Iowa is a big ten school with a large number of undergraduates, but it NEVER feels like that. The community here is extraordinary, and there are a million and one ways to feel at home at Iowa.”

"There's something for everyone"

Health and Human Physiology, Pre-Dental

"I wanted to go to a school where I would be challenged academically and be a part of a top science department"

Chemical Engineering

"The University of Iowa provides me with opportunities that fit with my interests, and that also prepare me for my future career." 


"Be willing to change. Aside from getting a degree, your undergraduate years are a time for you to not only find yourself, but to let yourself be so entrenched with the new ideas and experiences that shape who you decide to become."

Journalism and Mass Communication

"Each club that I joined has a purpose and a mission and it feels good to be a part of a fantastic community"

Health and Human Physiology, Pre‐Physician Assistant Track
“Even though Iowa is a Big Ten school, it does not feel overwhelming. The involvement of the university with the surrounding community of Iowa City really stood out to me.”
Cinema, Communications
“This place has allowed me to become myself in ways I never could’ve imagined.”
"I like all the different activities that are constantly going on and all the services and resources that the university has to offer"