Student Profiles

Aasthika Das

"I know I can study further with Iowa's resources and teaching hospital"

Ayushi Sood

"Iowa is just the right kind of place as it has the most vibrant atmosphere and one of the safest cities in the state."

Bhavya Vats

"Iowa has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and get to know a variety of people."

Corey Lewis

"When you are at Iowa you’re able to pursue your passions, get involved in research or just have fun in any area no matter what your major is."

Emily Gumal

"Everyone has opportunities at the University of Iowa and that is why Iowa is my dream university to be at."

Hannah Huisman

"I fell in love with the beautiful campus and buildings as well as the sense of welcoming that everyone presented."

Jenah McCarty

"There's something here for everyone."

Jessica Kroczak

"I came to the University of Iowa because I fell in love with the campus."

Joslin Some

The University of Iowa offered my unique major, that no other school offered."

Justin Alpers

"At Iowa, I get to attend a large university without feeling like a number."

Logan Haller

"I have always felt at home at the University of Iowa."