Health and Human Physiology, Pre-Dental

"I wanted to go to a school where I would be challenged academically and be a part of a top science department"

Journalism and Mass Communication

"Each club that I joined has a purpose and a mission and it feels good to be a part of a fantastic community"

Health and Human Physiology, Pre‐Physician Assistant Track
“Even though Iowa is a Big Ten school, it does not feel overwhelming. The involvement of the university with the surrounding community of Iowa City really stood out to me.”
Cinema, Communications
“This place has allowed me to become myself in ways I never could’ve imagined.”
"I like all the different activities that are constantly going on and all the services and resources that the university has to offer"
Jounalism & Mass Communcations

"Starting from my very first visit, the University took interest in what my needs and wants for a college were"

Political Science, Ethics & Public Policy, Philosophy

"Through my involvement, I have learned to admire how much the University of Iowa does to grow and better student's experiences every year"


"Not only does Iowa have Iowa City to explore, it has an amazing range of academic choices, great resources for students, and not to mention that campus is beautiful."

"Iowa is a place where you can get a 'typical' college experience while also having the opportunity to get the most out of your career goals."
Journalism & Mass Communication, Entrepreneurial Management

"The culture and college town within Iowa City set Iowa apart from many of my other college choices"

History and International Studies
"Iowa gives you the feel of a Big 10 University while creating an atmosphere similar to the comfort of a smaller school"
Criminology, certificates in ASL and Disability Studies

"I'm excited to take a bunch of fun classes that challenge me and help me meet new people that I wouldn't ordinarily meet"