"As they say, the people make the place, and surely so, the people at Iowa make it an amazing place to be in!"

New Delhi, India

Eva was inspired by her grandparents and always had an interest in computers and their workings. In the University of Iowa College of Engineering program, she feels like she's a part of a community where everyone supports one another and appreciates what she has to offer to the major.

She is a part of several student organizations and holds executive positions in some, namely: Social Media Chair for the Debate Club, Member of the Marketing Committee of the Indian Student Alliance, and the Technology Chair for the South Asian Student Alliance. She has attended several events, including the annual WICS conference held in Kansas City, which was a surreal experience. 

Eva advises others to spend their time wisely, as there can be days where you feel you have no time to breathe, and then there can be days where you have absolutely nothing to do. 

Eva is an International Ambassador for the University of Iowa Office of Admissions. If you’re a prospective international student who has any questions about life at Iowa, please feel free to reach out to her via email at eva-singh@uiowa.edu.