Photo of Nafisa
Microbiology (Pre-Medicine)

"I want to promote this amazing institution worldwide."

Photo of Nalini

"I know what it is like going through the process of applying as an international student, I was once in your shoes."

Photo of Paige
Journalism and Mass Communications, International Business Certificate

"The University of Iowa is the perfect environment for me to complete my academic goals."

Photo of Pedro
Biomedical Sciences

"I knew that the University of Iowa would provide me with the necessary education for my academic career."

Photo of Ravi
Human Physiology, Minor in Chemistry

"The medical school at the University of Iowa is one of the best in the nation."

Photo of Sara
Enterprise Leadership, Communications

"I came to Iowa because I was drawn into the community feel and the Big Ten experience."

Photo of Sijia
Community Studies and Cinema
"The people here are super friendly."
Photo of Yiquian
Electrical Engineering, Math Minor
"Since I am a person who really loves to eat different food, I really like to try popular Iowa City restaurants."