"What I like most about Iowa is the people. The Iowa nice policy holds true to the University of Iowa. It is not only easy to make new friends, but also to talk to my professors whenever I have a question about the material in my classes."

Area(s) of study
Iowa City, IA

Kolbe chose to major in Accounting because he enjoys working with numbers. He also chose to major in Music because he is passionate about performing and creating a musical experience that connects with others.

He chose the University of Iowa because he had the ability to double major in two different areas. He wanted to attend a top business college and pursue accounting, but he also wanted to further his study of music and learn how to become a professional musician. Iowa also had the best feel of any college campus that he visited. The campus is very walkable, and downtown Iowa City is only a short walk away.

The most memorable experience that he has had as a student was rushing the field of the Iowa vs. Penn State game in 2021. Both teams were ranked in the top five, and it was by far the most electric environment for a football game that he has ever been a part of.

The most memorable experience involving his major would be performing in the University of Iowa Symphony Band at the American Bandmasters Association Conference in Lawrence, Kansas during the spring of 2023. They performed a great concert, and it was an experience like no other.