"I love how downtown Iowa City is integrated with the college campus and everything is walkable and convenient. It's a great college town and a supportive community for students."

Geneseo, IL

Alison chose the University of Iowa as an Open major so she wanted a college with every possible major she was interested in. Iowa stood out because it has a competitive track club, and that was how she knew she wanted to get involved.

Alison is in the Honors Program, which has been great in creating deeper relationships with professors and fellow students. She has worked at the Iowa Hawk Shop since her first week as a first-year, where she made countless friends and learned many useful skills. She is also the president of the Iowa Track and Field Club, where she has fun experiences with all her awesome teammates while picking up leadership skills along the way.

Her most memorable experience was doing the Hawkeye Wave, a tradition at Kinnick Stadium, for the first time at an Iowa football game.

One advice Alison has for incoming students is to “get involved as soon as you get on campus—this will push you out of your comfort zone and you'll make friends with your same values and interests.”