"The thing that I love the most about Iowa City is the fact that it is a college town. You are surrounded by college students with the same ambitions, and we are all working hard towards our goals."

Area(s) of study
Hanoi, Vietnam

During her college search period, the University of Iowa School of Music stood out with an amazing faculty team and amazing facilities! Aside from the School of Music looking incredibly gorgeous itself, she also loves the fact that Iowa really promotes DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), something she at that point really hoped to get to experience.

The most memorable experience she has had as a student was during last year's Walk It Out performance (a multicultural fashion showcase). She had an amazing time performing with such a supportive community and got to share a part of her culture that she’s really proud of.

She advises future Hawkeyes to ask questions. "Don’t be afraid to reach out and utilize all your resources! Plan ahead and stay disciplined! You will do great!"

Jun is an International Ambassador for the University of Iowa Office of Admissions. If you’re a prospective international student who has any questions about life at Iowa, please feel free to reach out to her via email at duong-le@uiowa.edu.